Guidelines for the Use of Outdoor Fire Appliances

Guidelines for the Use of Approved Chimineas, Outdoor Fire Pits and Fireplaces

An open fire shall be allowed in approved chimineas, outdoor fire pits and outdoor fireplaces without a permit at single-family homes, duplexes and town homes provided they are placed on a non-combustible surface at ground level and the fire does not create a nuisance (Exception: units are not allowed in mobile home parks or other densely populated areas).

Chimineas, outdoor fire pits and outdoor fireplaces shall be placed on a non-combustible surface (not a deck). Additionally, these devices shall not be placed on porches, roofs, balconies or near any flammable or combustible material, i.e., tents, campers, vehicles containing fuel or the like.

There shall be no overhead obstruction of any kind while the device is in use. Obstructions shall include, but are not limited to, roofs, ceiling, decks, porches, overhangs, tree branches, clotheslines, tents, etc.

Approved devices utilized for the purpose of open fires shall be used at least ten feet away from any building or structure at all times.

All approved outdoor burning devices shall have a competent operator (18 years of age or older) at all times.

A means of extinguishment (fire extinguisher, garden hose, etc) shall be located within close proximity of the approved outdoor burning device when in operation.

All outdoor burning within an approved device shall be completely extinguished prior to vacating the area.

Open burning shall not cause a nuisance.

The burning of yard waste, leaves, brush, vines, evergreen needles, treated lumber, garbage, paper products or anything other than firewood is prohibited.

A Fire, Police or Code Enforcement Officer may order any use of any outdoor burning device that creates a nuisance to be extinguished.

Any outdoor burning device should always be considered a hazard to children.

Any violation of these guidelines may result in a monetary fine for violation of Open Burning Laws and Massachusetts General Laws.