Accident Only Insurance

Whether you are a weekend warrior with an active lifestyle or the stay-at-home type, accidents can happen anytime, anywhere, without warning. Accident Only Insurance plan helps provide you with a solution for those unforeseen accidents that life sometimes delivers. The plan is designed to help pay for the unexpected medical expenses an individual may incur for the treatment of injuries due to a covered accident.

How the Plan Works

This plan provides 24-hour coverage for accidents that occur both on and off the job. In addition, it pays according to a wide-ranging schedule of benefits.


  • Four Coverage Options: Choose the coverage that best fits your lifestyle and financial needs.
  • Wellness Benefit: The plan pays an annual Wellness Benefit for one Covered Person to receive their routine physical exam, including immunizations and preventive testing.
  • Accident Death and Dismemberment Benefit: The plan pays a benefit when an Accidental Death or Dismemberment occurs within 90 days of a covered accident.

Please note: Limitations, exclusions, and waiting periods may apply. This product is inappropriate for people who are eligible for Medicaid coverage. The company reserves the right to change premium rates by class.