Critical Illness Insurance

Surviving a critical illness, such as a heart attack or stroke, can come at a high price. With advances in technology to treat these diseases, the cost of treatment rises more and more every year. Even with medical insurance, the out-of-pocket expenses associated with a critical illness can affect anyone's finances. Limited Benefit Critical Illness Insurance may be the solution that helps you and your family focus on recovery, and helps pay bills. The plan can assist with the expenses that may not be covered by standard medical insurance.

How the Plan Works

The Critical Illness plan is designed to pay a lump sum benefit amount to help cover expenses if you are diagnosed with a covered Critical Illness, such as a heart attack or stroke.


  • Wellness Benefits: Receive an annual benefit for undergoing one covered health screening test per year, such as a stress test, echocardiogram, blood glucose testing, or up to five other routine tests.
  • Three Lump Sum Benefit Amount Options: Choose from a coverage amount of $15,000, $20,000, or $25,000 at the time of application.

Please note: Limitations, exclusions, and waiting periods may apply. This product is inappropriate for people who are eligible for Medicaid coverage.