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Playgrounds, Fields and Facilities overseen by the Recreation Department

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Accessible routes to playground structures/amenities and park amenities are provided by GrassMats rubber matting. Accessible amenities are marked in the individual listings with an asterisk.

Usage Requests/Reservations are available for these fields and facilities. View Recreation Field Use Policies and Application (PDF). View the Availability Calendar and submit your request by emailing the Recreation Department.


Parties interested in naming rights of parks, fields or facilities can view Recreation's Naming Policy (PDF).

Airport Park 
8 Bedford Dr., N. Grafton

Basketball court, (2) baseball fields, small unlined soccer field, bike rack

A full perimeter paved path exists around the entire park accessing amenities. 

(2) belt swings, (1) toddler swing, climbing structures, standalone slide, (1) handicapped swing*, ages 2-12 structure with 4 slides*, (2) benches*, picnic table*

377 Providence Rd., S. Grafton
Soccer field, baseball field
Ferry St./Fisher Park
115 Ferry St., S. Grafton
Basketball court*, tennis court*, pickleball court*, (3) baseball/softball fields, small unlined soccer field, bathrooms* (open during games only)

(2) belt swings, (1) toddler swing, shady canopy with picnic table, (1) handicapped swing*, ages 2-5 structure with slide*, ages 5-12 structure with 3 slides*, bench*

Norcross Park 
18 North St., Grafton
Baseball field*, basketball court*, open grass area, benches*(3) belt swings, (2) toddler swings, (1) handicapped swing* (2) age 5 -12 structures with 3 slides*, picnic tables*, benches* 

Perry Hill Park 
3 Perry St., N. Grafton

(2) belt swings, (1) toddler swing, (1) handicapped swing*, ages 2-12 structure with 4 slides*, multiple single structures, bike rack, bench*, picnic table*

Riverview Park
176 Providence Rd., S. Grafton
Soccer field*, canoe/kayak launchesAge 2 to 5 structure with 3 slides*, Age 5 -12 structure with 2 slides and climbing wall*, bench*, picnic table*

Other Playgrounds, Fields and Facilities in Town

Usage Requests/Reservations are available for these fields and facilities. See the individual listings for more information. 

For Grafton Public School facilities: View the Calendar and Request Use through the Grafton Public Schools website. Your account will need to be approved before you can submit your request. 

LocationAmenitiesReservation Information
Grafton Common
1 Grafton Common, Grafton
Gazebo, benches, open lawnUse of the Common and Bandstand is open to the public for functions and activities by reservation only.  Reserve Grafton Common
Grafton High School
24 Providence Rd., Grafton
Fields: baseball, softball, (2) turf, (3) outdoor basketball courts, (4) outdoor tennis courts

Facilities: classrooms, gymnasium, auditorium

Grafton Lions Club
68 Brigham Hill Rd., N. Grafton
Soccer field, pavilion, trailsUsage Requests are handled directly through the Lions Club. Reserve Lions Club
Millbury Street Elementary School
105 Millbury St., Grafton

Playground: (7) belt swings, (1) handicap swing, age 5 to 12 structure with 3 slide, age 5 to 12 structure with 2 slides.

Fields: soccer, baseball

Facilities: classrooms, library, cafeteria, gymnasium

Mill Villages Park
61 Main St., S. Grafton
Pavilion, open lawn, benches, walking pathUse of the Park and Pavilion for functions is available to the public by reservation only. Reserve Mill Villages.
Nelson Park
6 Prentice St., N. Grafton
Playground: (4) belt swings, (4) toddler swings, age 5 -12 structure with slide, fire truck climbing structure, benches

Park/Fields (3) softball, basketball court, disc golf course
Usage Requests of Nelson Park are handled by its Board of Trustees. View a calendar and reserve
North Grafton Elementary School
44 Waterville St., N. Grafton

Playground: (16) belt swings, (1) toddler swing, age 5 -12 structure with slide and climbing structure, age 5 -12 structure with slide and climbing features, (2) stand-alone slides

Fields: baseball, small soccer, small baseball, sandbox, basketball court

North Street Elementary School
60 North St., Grafton
Playground: (11) belt swings, (3) handicap swings, age 2 -12 structure with 2 slides, multiple single structures

Fields: soccer, basketball, half basketball court

South Grafton Elementary School
90 Main St., S. Grafton
Playground: (12) belt swings, (4) toddler swings, (2) handicap swings, (2) age 5-12 structure with 3 slides

Fields: (2) baseball, (1) small and (1) full soccer

Hiking Trails

If you are looking for a local place to enjoy the outdoors, both the Grafton Land Trust and Conservation Commission oversee a multitude of properties that offer plenty of places for you to enjoy. To view Grafton Land Trust properties and trails maps, visit the Grafton Land Trust website. To view all that the Conservation Commission has to offer, visit the Conservation Commission Page.

Fishing & Boating

View a Paddling Resource Guide by the Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor.

  • Snow Marsh: Accessed from the Ekblaw Landing; easy paddling, and be sure to bring your binoculars and field guides.
  • Ekblaw Landing: (111 Worcester Street, North Grafton, MA 01536) This public river access is perfect for launching your kayak or canoe for a paddling adventure either upstream to the Snow Marsh, or downstream to Lake Ripple.
  • Lake Ripple: Boat access to the Lake is either through the town-owned Lake Ripple Conservation Area behind the Municipal Center or from Ekblaw Landing.
  • Southern Reach: Just below the Lake Ripple dam you experience a quiet, serene stretch of the Quinsig. Either take out at the Riverview access or continue on to Fisherville Pond.
  • Riverview Access: This town-owned access near Riverview Apartments off of Providence Road is near the playing fields.
  • Fisherville Pond: Continue on down to the Fisherville dam. Paddle on back to Riverview to take out.