Posted Meetings

The Town Clerk's office is responsible for posting meeting notices for all governmental bodies, including ad hoc and sub-committees, at least 48 hours prior to the meeting. This does not include Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays. The one exception is an "Emergency Meeting", which is a sudden, generally unexpected occurrence or set of circumstances demanding immediate action.

  • Monday night meetings must be posted before Thursday night.
  • Tuesday night meetings must be posted before Friday night (if Monday is a holiday, before Thursday night).
  • Wednesday night meetings must be posted before Monday night.
  • Thursday night meetings must be posted before Tuesday night.
  • Friday night meetings must be posted before Wednesday night.

Notices must be on Committee/Board letterhead and include the date, time and place of the meeting and the agenda (the list of topics that the chair reasonably anticipates will be discussed). Please secure your meeting location before submitting the meeting notice to this office. Revisions should state "revision" or "amended" on the top and indicate the revision in the body of the agenda.

Please note: If you submit an agenda electronically, please email it to the Town Clerk's Office to ensure it will be received to meet the Open Meeting Law posting requirements. A reply will be sent to confirm the meeting has been posted. Do not assume the posting was received unless a confirmation is received. Agendas need to be received by 12:00 pm (noon) to allow our office the appropriate time for posting.

Official Meeting Postings - Town Website

The official meeting postings for public bodies is the Town of Grafton's website. Our municipal website fulfills the meeting notice requirements of the Open Meeting Law. The bulletin board inside the Town Hall is the secondary posting place for meeting notices. Original copies of meeting postings will be maintained in the Town Clerk's Office available for public view during office hours.

Attention: If you are submitting a meeting posting, please note that the following applies to the meeting: Minutes of all open and executive sessions shall be approved in a timely manner. A "timely manner" will be generally be considered to be within the next three public body meetings or within 30 days, whichever is later, unless the public body can show good cause for further delay. The minutes of an open session, if they exist and whether approved or in draft form, shall be available upon request by any person within "10 days". MGL c30A,s22(c),(G2).

Meeting minutes must be on Committee/Board letterhead and show the words "Minutes" and the date of the meeting the minutes are for in the "title".

The following must be included in the minutes:

  • Date, place, time and matters discussed.
  • Summary of discussion of each topic
  • List of documents used
  • Decisions made and actions taken including a record of all votes (votes in executive session must be by roll call)