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Lockbox Change Effective 11/27/2023

You may mail your check to:

Town of Grafton
Department 2240
PO Box 4110
Woburn, MA 01888-4110

Important Information - Payments From Your Personal Online Bank Account

Some residents prefer to pay their municipal bills by using online systems offered by their personal bank. Your bank will withdraw the funds immediately from your account and issue a physical check to the Town without the payment coupon. These checks take 5 to 7 days to reach to the Town, which in some cases causes the payment to be past due incurring interest and fees. We will accept these payments, provided that we can immediately determine for whom and for what type of bill the payment is being remitted.

We do not recommend this type of payment because no bill is remitted with the payment. These checks also cannot be processed by the lockbox facility without the payment coupon and are returned to the Treasurer/Collector's office delaying further credit to your bill.

Please include on the check:

  • The type of bill being paid (real estate, excise, sewer, personal property, etc.)
  • The bill number and year or account number (remember bill numbers change from year to year)
  • The name and address should be on either the check or the check stub

If we cannot make such determination, we will mail your check back to you and ask that you return it with the appropriate remittance form. Items returned may be subject to additional charges and interest.

Please consider using the Town's online payment service. It is quick, reduces administrative costs, and ensures that your payment is posted promptly and accurately.

Feel free to contact the Treasurer/Collector's Office for additional payment instructions at 508-839-5335, ext. 1170.