Commemorative Brick Program

Mill Villages Park Brick ProgramThe Commemorative Brick Program was created in 2013 to provide people with an opportunity to honor, remember, give thanks, or just express themselves in a meaningful way. The Memorial Plaza was designed to house 14 brick "containers", each of which houses 18 commemorative bricks.

When the program is fully subscribed, a total of 252 bricks will have been installed. The final round of sales has opened as of January 2020 and will run until all bricks have been purchased. Orders will be made following the receipt and processing of each container's worth of order forms.

Proceeds from the program are deposited into a special gift account established by the Board of Selectmen. Funds are used to support the ongoing management of the park as well as for providing free recreational programming for all to enjoy.

How to Purchase a Brick

Download an Order Form (PDF).

How to Find Your Brick

Each brick container has been assigned a number that corresponds to this map:

Mill Villages Park Memorial Plaza Brick Location ID Map

People who have purchased a brick and would like to find its location will want to use this map and the Brick Locations List Sorted by Last Name list (PDF). This provides an alphabetical list of all people who have purchased bricks though May 1, 2016. All of these bricks have been installed at the park.

Also see a block-by-block list with the picture and location of each brick (PDF).


Memorial BricksPlease contact the Conservation Department or call us at 508-839-5335, ext. 1138. Thank you.