Worcester Street Village Strategic Plan

Worcester Street Village Map - Strategic PlanThe Worcester Street Village Study was done as a subcomponent of the Route 30 Transit Village Master Plan. The Town undertook this study to gather input from residents and local businesses to reenvision the area around and including 215 Worcester Street as a village center and to guide the development of land use regulations and bylaws. Below is an excerpt from the scope of work:

The properties of 215 Worcester Street and 1 Hawthorn Road are on the market for sale. The properties are provided with structures that support a mixture of uses such as residential, retail, restaurant, office, and personal services. The structures are out of code compliance and as a result of a recent fire, a portion is occupied. Given the mixed-use nature of the property and its prominence at the western entrance to the town, the Town of Grafton is seeking to develop a village concept plan for the two properties and adjacent properties in order to develop a plan for redevelopment and for enacting zoning bylaws to implement and the plan.

The Worcester Street Mixed Use Village Concept Plan will examine the development potential for the properties in the project area for mixed-use development that encourages a mixture of residential and non-residential uses, is pedestrian accessible, and fits into the surrounding 1950's neighborhood, while serving as a gateway to Grafton. The Plan will inventory existing conditions, existing zoning revisions, develop concept plans based on community input on scale and density, and recommendations for zoning amendments to implement the village concept plan.

The Alternative will undertake the Tasks as indicated above with the following additions:

Task 1: Add site visit to project area following "kick-off" meeting.

Task 2: Incorporate meetings for Worcester Street Village Concept Plan with meetings held with relevant Boards for North Grafton Transit Village Master Plan. Prepare a survey or solicit input from participants and for release to the public in advance of or as part of Task 3.

Task 3: Hold a separate meeting/ "charrette" for the Worcester Street Village Concept Plan. Amend sub-tasks as necessary.

Task 4: Develop and detail vision for Worcester Street Village Concept Plan.

Task 5: Develop Concept Plan detailing development potential, design of structures, streetscape, open space/ landscaped areas.

Task 6, 7, and 8: Tasks can be merged to present final report. Draft materials are to be reviewed by staff and relevant town officials prior to final presentation of report.

Please contact the Planning Department at 508-839-5335, ext. 1120 if you have any questions. Thank you.

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