How do I file for a business certificate?

Any person, whether individually or as a partnership, conducting business in Grafton under any title other than the true name of the owner(s) must obtain a business certificate. And any corporation doing business in Grafton under a name other than its corporate name must file for a business certificate. The certificate must be completed and filed by a corporate officer.

Filing a Doing-Business-As (DBA, another name for a business certificate) does not protect your name. If you wish to register a trademark or service mark with the State of Massachusetts, contact the Corporations Division, One Ashburton Place, 17th floor, Boston, MA 02108, phone 617-727-9640. General information concerning trademarks may be obtained from The Commissioner of Patents, Washington, D.C. 20231, phone 703-308-4368. Federal Information is available at 800-347-1997.

Complete the business certificate application. Mail or deliver the application to the Town Clerk, 30 Providence Road, Grafton, MA 01519. If you do not appear in person at the Clerk's office to file, you must have your signature on the application notarized.

A Business Certificate is good for four years. The fee for filing a business certificate in Grafton is $50. To change or discontinue an active Business Certificate, the fee is $25. Checks should be made payable to the Town of Grafton. For more information, call the Clerk's office at 508-839-5335, ext. 1195.

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