As a resident of the Town of Grafton, do I qualify for any tax relief?

As a resident of the Town of Grafton, you may qualify for a tax exemption. An exemption releases an individual from the requirement to pay all or a fraction of his/her property tax obligations.

Exemptions are available to those who meet various requirements in the following categories:


If you are over 65, are married, have assets below $55,000 (excluding the value of your residence), and your total income is less than $30,000; or you are over 65, single, and have assets below $40,000 (excluding the value of your residence) and income less than $20,000 you may qualify for an elderly exemption. A social security income allowance may apply to help you qualify. You may wish to contact the Assessors' Office for more information.


If you are declared legally blind with the MA Commission for the Blind as of July 1st, you may qualify for a blind exemption.

Disabled Veteran / Surviving Spouse

If you are a disabled veteran with at least a 10% service-related disability or a surviving spouse of a disabled veteran, you may qualify for a veteran's exemption.

Surviving Spouse / Minor Child(ren)

If you have not remarried, are the legal owner and occupant of real estate in Grafton and your total assets do not exceed $52,911 you may be entitled to this exemption.

Please Note

In all cases, you must establish residency and property ownership to be considered for a tax exemption. If you think you may be eligible for any of these exemptions, please call the Board of Assessors and we will be happy to explain all of the qualifying factors and assist you with an application. The application period begins the date the third quarter tax bills are mailed, usually in late December, and ends three months later, usually late March.

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