How do I dispose of bulk items that won’t fit into a bag?

Bulk items (large items such as furniture, carpet, mattresses and box springs, baby cribs, etc) can be scheduled directly with E.L. Harvey and Sons for pickup. Each residence gets three free scheduled bulk pickups per year. Any additional cost is at the discretion of E.L. Harvey. Any bulk item that fits into a PAYT bag can be placed at curbside in an official bag. Your PAYT bag must be able to close. For customer service or to schedule a bulk item, call E.L. Harvey directly at 800-321-3002.

Bulk items are combustible and non-hazardous.

Additional fees apply for items such as light iron, white goods, freon items, CRTs and monitors.

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1. How do I dispose of bulk items that won’t fit into a bag?
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