What is Pay As You Throw?

Pay As You Throw (PAYT) is a system by which you pay for the trash you dispose. PAYT allows each household to control its volume of trash disposal. PAYT encourages recycling - when you recycle more and discard less trash, you will pay less. PAYT has been implemented by more than 125 communities in Massachusetts including Worcester, Sutton, Upton, Northborough, West Boylston, and Shrewsbury.

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1. How do I dispose of bulk items that won’t fit into a bag?
2. Can I hire my own hauler and choose not to participate in the PAYT program?
3. How do I keep animals out of my trash?
4. Can we put the bags into our trash barrels?
5. Is there a limit to the amount of items I can recycle?
6. Will there be any changes to the recycling program?
7. How many PAYT bags are residents able to put out each week?
8. How will the Town deal with offenders?
9. What if I don’t use the proper bag?
10. How much money could the town save with the implementation of PAYT?
11. How much does recycling cost the Town?
12. How much does trash cost to collect and dispose of?
13. Why is the Town implementing PAYT?
14. What is Pay As You Throw?