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Conference Room C

Subfacility of Grafton Memorial Municipal Center

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This room is available to community groups as well as elected and appointed governmental boards and committees representing the Town. See below for Instructions on How to Reserve this Room.

Please contact the office of the Town Administrator if you have any questions 508-839-5335, ext. 1180.

Conference Room C is located on the first floor of the Municipal Center. During the day it serves as the break room for the Municipal Center staff. It is available to the public as well as elected and appointed Boards and Committees representing the Town. There are two cafe-style tables that seat four each. No additional room for extra seating is available due to the size of the room.

Fill out and return a Municipal Center Use of Facilities Form (PDF) to the Town Administrator's Office. This step does not apply to elected or appointed boards and committees associated with Town government. Boards and Committees seeking to reserve a room should contact the Town Administrator's office directly after they check room availability first.

Send the form to the Office of the Town Administrator.

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