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Public Comment Form: Potential 40B Housing Projects

  1. The projects listed on this comment form are specifically for potential 40B Comprehensive Permit projects. It is important to note that none of the project developers have applied for a 40B permit with the Town's Zoning Board of Appeals. They are in the "Project Eligibility" phase between the developer and the Massachusetts Housing Partnership (MHP). Notification and request for comments from the Town in general are required by MHP as part of the developer's application process.

    Use the drop-down menu to select a project to comment on. All comments will be distributed to the office of the Town Administrator and the Affordable Housing Trust/Planning Department for processing and distribution. They will be entered into the public record and posted on this Town's website. The public comment period is noted on each project page.

    Thank you.

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    All comments received on this matter will be entered into the public record, distributed to the appropriate Town departments, and posted on this Town's website.

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